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The Woof Cycle Trotter

The Woof Cycle Trotter

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The Woof Cycle Trotter is an active dog's best friend: An ingenious and inexpensive answer to your dog's high energy requirements. It is a light-weight attachment that connects to your bicycle in such a way that it allows you to exercise your dog while you ride.  The dog is safely trotting next to you but is out of the way of wheels, pedals, and has little leverage to tip the bike. 

The Dog-Loving, Cyclist's Best Friend

The Woof Cycle allows you to safely exercise your dog at a trot while riding your bike. The design takes into account both the laws of physics and dog behavior, greatly reducing your dog's ability to pull to the side and virtually eliminating the tipping force.


Woof Cycle Feataures & Benefits:

Woof Cycle Dog Exercise Bicycle Attachment Includes:

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