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Sleepypod Pet Carrier

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Pet carrier, mobile pet bed and pet car seat all in one!

For small dogs and cats.

Features of the Sleepypod Pet Carrier:

Easy Travel
Because your pet will already be living in the Sleepypod, traveling will become much easier and less stressful for everyone. To safely transport your pet in the car, simply wrap the seat belt around the base of the Sleepypod and pull the shoulder belt through the top handle.

Warmer Kit (sold separately)
The warming pad adds comfort and is especially cozy on those chilly nights. The low wattage warmer is designed to maintain a toasty 102F, perfect for those times when a human lap just isn't available. When not using the warmer, simply remove it from the Sleepypod or tuck the connector inside the bedding to prevent your pet from chewing on the cord. The Warmer Kit also comes with a Car Adapter that adds even more versatility to the Sleepypod and makes for comfortable vehicle travel, whether by car, truck or RV!

What's a Sleepypod?
It's a lifestyle. It's your pet's personal space, designed to fit his or her individual needs. The beauty of the Sleepypod is its versatility. A dog that needs to be aware of her surroundings at all times can be just as easily accommodated as the cat who likes his privacy. The secret is in the adjustable dome top.

Unzipping the top will give your pet the easy access of a standard pet bed, but as needs change, so will the options. In times of fear or stress the dome can be opened or closed by unzipping the center zipper and adjusting the sides.

The bed is designed so that your pet can spread out in the way that is most natural for his or her sleeping style. The round shape will contour around your pet's body, providing yet another layer of coziness.

Sizing Chart

Medium = 17" in diameter x 13"H (for pets up to 15 lbs.)
Mini = 13" in diameter x 11"H (for pets up to 7 lbs.)

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