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Petego Universal Bike Connection for Carriers

  • $3999

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Use this adapter to travel safely with your pet on your bike!

It acts as an adaptor that allows you to securely clip your Pet Ego Univeral Sport Bag or Jet Set Forma Frame or Sport Wagon Bag Carrier to your bike.

Bike Connection

If you already have a rack on your bike, you only need this connection to attach Infinita, Universal Sport Bag, Jet Set Forma Frame and Sport Wagon Bag carriers to your bike. If you do not have a bicycle rack, you need to purchase Bike Lever along with the Bike Connection 

Bike Lever

The Universal Carrier Bike Lever allows you and your pet to travel together on your bike if your bike does not come with a rack or if you already own a PetEgo Universal Sport Bag, Jet Set Forma Bag or Sport Wagon Bag but no longer have a rack for your bike. The Bike Lever is to be used in conjunction with the Bike Connection.




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