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Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit

Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit

  • $10999

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The modular design of the Kitty'scape™ means the different columns, platforms and available accessories are inter-changeable so Kitty'scape™ can be assembled in countless combinations to meet the needs of individual cat families. Available in three "starter kits" plus expansion kit and a growing list of accessories means there's no limit to the fun cat owners can have making their unique cat play structure. Plus, it's economical - if a piece wears out, just replace it - no need to buy a whole new cat tree when a single piece will do!

This is the Deluxe Kit which includes 5 platforms; 10 long columns, including 3 scratching columns; 4 short columns; Penthouse Canopy; Hammock Hideaway; teaser toy. Can reach up to 71" high

Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 71

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