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Humunga Tongue Dog Toy

  • $1295

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Your pooch will be the envy of every member of the band, Kiss, with this long tongue toy!

  • Natural rubber
  • Ball toy with tongue on one side.
  • Extremely durable 

Why We Love It:

The Humunga Tongue Dog Toy is a ball and tongue all-in-one! This tongue is a high-quality, zany dog toy that's fun, fetching, and functional. Made of extremely durable, natural rubber, the shiny red toy is a ball on one end and a giant cartoon tongue on the other. Dogs naturally pick up the ball, leaving an outrageously funny lolling tongue sticking out!

Available in 3 sizes:

Small:  Length: 5", Width: 1"-1.5", Ball circumference: 4.5"
Medium: Length: 7.25", Width: 1.75"-2.5", Ball circumference: 6.25"
Large: Length: 8.5", Width: 2"-2.75", Ball circumference: 7"

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