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Water Sports

Who doesn't love to be on the water on a hot summer day?  While all dogs are generally happy to go boating and most like the water, some can hardly wait to jump out and go swimming whereas you'd have to use a crow bar to get others to leave the boat for a paw dip in the water. Breeds such as Labradors, Retrievers, Setters, Newfoundlands, and Spanish and Portuguese water dogs are all great swimmers and take naturally to the water. But even if your dog wasn't bred for the water, they may still be great candidates to introduce to water sports.

When considering sporting activities such as kayaking, surfing, canoeing, paddle boarding and the like, first consider the temperament of your dog.  You may be saying "man overboard" (and dog) a few too many times if your in a canoe or kayak with a hyperactive Irish Setter.

Next, and most importantly, you will need to train your dog.  Critical commands your dog must have mastered are sit, stay, and leave it before he/she is ready to begin.  You want to be sure your dog is safe at all times and doesn't end up overturning your vessel or putting you or them in harms way so making sure they have these commands down is essential. 

Before heading for the water introduce your dog to the kayak, canoe, paddleboard, etc. on land and let them explore it for a few weeks until they are comfortable with it.  Encourage them to sit in or on it while on dry land and teach them how to enter and exit the craft using specific commands

Now you're ready to slowly introduce them and the vessel to the water.  Before you do, remember that your dog must have a life jacket - this is essential gear for all dogs regardless of how good swimmers they are. Be patient while training them – remember when you were first learning!  Keep sessions short at first and elongate them as they get more comfortable.  They will soon be jumping on the boogie board rarin' to go!



Canoeing with Dogs

When people consider taking a dog on a day out, going canoeing is not something they would consider as a particularly possible or enjoyable day. It sounds like a day that would be filled with stress, capsized canoes and a very wet ride home. However, canoeing with a dog can be a fun and exciting day out, allowing the bond between pet and owner to blossom doing something unusual and rewarding that most people would not consider. If a dog does not like water, then canoeing may be inadvisable; different dogs have varying temperaments and will react differently to canoeing, although a surprisingly large number will enjoy it!

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Can All Dogs Swim?

You may be surprised at the answer.  We all know certain breeds that take to the water like a duck, but about the others?  Even if they don't like the water naturally, can they learn to love it?

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Boating with Pets

There's nothing quite like relaxing on a boat—the warm sun on your skin and the breeze in your face with that occasional spray from the water below. And what's more fun than being able to take your furry friend along with you? If you own a boat, or have been boating before, then you know all the rules you need to follow to have a safe and enjoyable excursion, but you may not know everything needed to make sure your four legged companion has a fun and safe adventure as well.

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Kayaking with Dogs

It might sound a bit unusual or like a disaster waiting to happen -- trying to coax your dog into a kayak, and then hoping he or she stays still enough that you are not capsized, but you may be surprised. Many dogs enjoy venturing out onto the water with their owners, feeling safe and secure sitting with you in your kayak, meaning you could have a whole host of new adventures with your pet out on the open waters of your local lake or river.

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