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Traveling with Pets

Family vacations.....aren't they great! Taking the whole family on a special exciting! But wait, vacations are no longer just for travelers of the two-legged variety. If we are going to visit family in another state, take a day hike or go to that special lakeside resort, we want to take Fido or Fluffy too....and we are not alone. In fact, according to a study by AAA and Best Western International, more than half of U.S. pet owners take their cats and dogs with them when they travel.

Whether you are traveling by plane, car, boat or train, you'll find valuable information on this site to help make your travels safe and enjoyable. Information such as knowing what the requirements are for airline travel, how to prepare your pet for travel, how to secure your pet in your car, can all dogs swim, and is traveling with birds that different are just some of the topics covered.

To make sure your trip is a happy and healthy one, please explore this site before you embark on your travels and contact us to share your travel tails with our fellow pet traveler community.

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