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RV Vacationing with Rover

A lot of RVers choose to take their household pets on the road with them, and the pet most commonly chosen to accompany animal lovers on their RV vacation is the dog. A dog can really enhance your RV vacation, particularly if you are planning on spending a lot of time taking long walks and exploring the great outdoors. Taking your dog on an RV vacation can be a lot of fun, but if you choose to do so, it is important that you make the right preparations in order to ensure that the process is as smooth and easy as possible, both for you and for your pet:

Prepare Your RV
Many dogs can become uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments, and this can affect their mood and behavior. Before you take your dog into your RV for the first time, therefore, you should prepare the environment in order to ensure that at least some aspects of it are comfortable and familiar to him. Placing their bed and favorite blankets or toys in the RV, for example, will make it feel like a home away from home. Setting a designated spot for your pet to eat and drink will also help to put their minds at rest and make them feel more relaxed in an unfamiliar environment. If you have a particularly nervous dog then it may be a good idea to get them accustomed to travelling in the RV by taking several short journeys together first (even if that is just a ride around the block or two) before you embark on a long journey that is likely to last several days, or longer.

Your Dog’s Health
Of course, whilst your RV may well feel like a home away from home both for you and your pet, it’s important to remember that your familiar home comforts and securities may not be close to hand: such as access to your dog’s regular vet should something go wrong. Because of this, it is advised that you plan in advance and ensure you have the contact address and telephone number of a vet’s surgery in your vacation destination (just in case the worst should happen) and that your dog is protected by a good level of pet insurance, so that you can avoid a costly bill in securing the treatment that your four legged friend needs. Contacting your insurer before you travel with your pet may be beneficial if you have the time, as they may well be able to advise you on any partner vet surgeries in your destination, which will make getting payment or reimbursement for any treatments required much easier. You may also wish to make an appointment with your own vet before you travel, to ensure your pet has a good bill of health and to reduce the likelihood of them needed treatment whilst you're away.

For many RVers, getting out on the open road without any idea of where they are heading is part of the vacation appeal. However, this is likely to be a much more complicated process if you intend to travel with your dog. In this situation, planning ahead is key for a variety of different reasons: some RV campsites now no longer allow travelers with pets to access their facilities, for example, so you may wish to research and book your campsite in advance in order to ensure that your four legged companion will be welcome when you arrive. Pet friendly camp sites offer a host of facilities for the discerning dog owner, including plenty of walking routes and wide open spaces, ensuring that your dog gets to enjoy their vacation just as much as you will. Ensure that you pack a leash for your dog and that you clean up after him immediately after he goes to the bathroom: this is standard behavior on most RV sites and sets a positive example to non-pet owners, and RV campsite owners who may use dog owners not following these instructions as a reason to ban pets on their sites in the future.


By taking the time to prepare your pet and prepare your trip in advance, you will soon find that there is no better experience than enhancing your vacation by taking your beloved four legged friend along for the ride. 



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