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We have all been there, pick up your car keys with that unmistakable jingling sound, foolishly utter the word “Ride” out loud and you could be bowled over by that ball of fur rocketing toward the door between your feet. With that “let’s go now” look on their face the tail doing its best metronome imitation what else can you do now except jump in the car with your best friend. But before you do remember that driving with pets in cars is one of the most common travel activities we do with our pets and one that requires a certain preparedness whether it’s a short trip to the store or a longer cross country trek. 

The articles below have been written from both perspectives and share several common themes. One of the most prevalent is that from a safety perspective you should be treating your pets in the car very similarly to your children or any other family member. Hopefully we are all using seatbelts, car seats or other appropriate safety gear for your children and the same should be true of your pet. A 30 pound dog can become a very dangerous projectile in an accident if they are not secured properly posing an injury threat to themselves as well as anyone else in the car.  We also want them to enjoy the ride and traveling with us as much as we enjoy having them along. 

Remember that pets can succumb to heatstroke and suffocation in only minutes so be careful not to leave them in an unattended vehicle with inadequate or no ventilation. In fact, some states including Florida have made this against the law! Look for cooling products to keep pets cool during warmer months.

Just like us our pets need regular food and water stops, potty breaks and a chance to exercise especially on a long trip. So keeping this in mind will make the trip a lot more enjoyable for everyone involved 

10 Tips for Traveling with Pets

If you're planning to take your pet with you on trips in the car, start early when the pet is young to get used to the routine.

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How to Select the Right Pet Carrier

No matter what kind of companion animal you have, at some point they'll need to be transported somewhere. And no matter whether it's to another city or just down the road, for safety's sake they should always be put in a pet carrier unless they are restrained in a dog car seat or vehicle pet safety harness.

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Long distance car travel

Traveling with pets long distances and for long periods of time presents challenges not only for snowbirds but also for the pets they take along. According to Dr. Mitch Spindell, site vet on, the first thing one should always consider is how physically able a pet is to travel.

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Roadtripping with Rover

Who doesn't know at least one dog who instantly rockets himself into a fit of excitement upon hearing his owners mention going for a R. I. D. E.? For many dogs, the car is the magic portal to everything fun: the park, the pet store or the hole in the wall where the French fries come from.

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Happy Pets in the Car

So you're thinking about venturing out on your next trip with Fido? Sounds like a fun idea, but unless you're well prepared, you may end up wishing you had left him at home.

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