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Can’t wait to introduce Fideaux to your family in Paris? Been sharing Facebook pictures of O’Fluffy with cousin Doris in Ireland for a few years and now have decided to have them meet in person? Maybe you are just visiting the kids or a friend in California and don’t want to leave your best friend at home, who does? Well the good news is an increasing number of us are flying with our pets and this has had a big impact on the airline industry. While it has resulted in increased regulations and requirements in many countries and more complexity, it has also increased awareness of the airlines to the fact that it’s good business for them to cater to our four-legged traveling companions and that has provided us with more options than ever before.

When traveling with your pet, the most important thing on your mind is your pet’s comfort and safety. The stress of getting to the airport, through the security checkpoint and to your gate is stressful on people, and we at least are aware of the environment. So you can imagine the sensory overload your pet may be feeling during this time. Doing a little homework and making a checklist in preparation for your airborne adventure will ensure a successful flight.

Plan early, make reservations as soon as possible. Check with your veterinarian early in the process to make sure they are healthy enough to fly and that their vaccinations are up to date, some countries have a waiting period of up to 30 days after a vaccination is given. Understand the airline pet travel policies of the airline you are flying and if you are traveling internationally, the import policies of the country you are visiting. The last thing you want is to make it all the way to your destination only to find that Fido or Fluffy have to be quarantined for some reason. Finally make sure you check with your airlines so you know where to retrieve your pet when you land, there is not a standard “pet pick up area” like there is for luggage. That’s it then you’re there and ready to explore.

Try to relax during the flight, it may be difficult to get any information on how your pet is doing during the flight if they are not traveling in the cabin with you but don’t worry. The airlines really do care about your best friend and will do everything possible to ensure that they make the trip as comfortably as possible. There’s a lot to remember and organize but don’t let them deter you from making the trip, it will be worth it to see Fido or Fluffy making new friends.

The articles below provide a wealth of information to help you get ready for your trip with your international travel pages that include import requirements for most of the countries you may visit. Read on and travel safely.


Flying with Pets

When traveling with your pet, the most important thing on your mind is your pet's comfort and safety. Doing a little homework and making a checklist in preparation for your airborne adventure will ensure a successful flight.

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Preparing Your Dog For Flight

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Sedation & Alternatives for Pet Travel

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