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Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the Northeastern US

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Summertime is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to plan a trip to the beach. Of course, you can’t leave your four legged friend at home, so here are some top-notch dog friendly beaches in the Northeastern US.

1.   First Landing State Park Beach- Virginia Beach, VA

Not only does the park have a year-round dog friendly beach, but there are also plenty of trails to explore when you need a break from the sand and waves.

 2.  Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach- Pasadena, MD

This off-leash dog park is perfect for pups of all swimming levels. Be sure to keep an eye on your pooch though, as the park is not fenced. There is also over 5 miles of trails to enjoy once you and your four-legged friend have had enough fun in the water.

 3.  Assateague National Seashore- Ocean City, MD

This one is a little tricky. Dogs are allowed on the beaches along the Maryland side of the Assateague National Seashore ONLY (and must be on a leash no longer than 6’). They are not permitted on the Virginia side of the island (even in a car).

 4.  Larchmont Dog Beach- Larchmont, NY

This gem is the perfect place to let your furry friend have his day in the sun. The fenced in area allows dogs to run, play, dig, romp with their besties, or make some new friends.

 5.  Jennings Dog Beach- Fairfield, CT

Dogs are welcome off-leash from October 1st to March 31st. Although your pup may be permitted on the sandy beaches, he/she is not allowed on the boardwalk, pavilion, or play areas.

 6.  Compo Beach Off-Leash Dog Area- Westport, CT

This lovely stretch of sand welcomes dogs from October 1st to March 30th. Keep in mind that the area is not fenced in, so be sure to keep an eye on your pup at all times.

 7.  Longport Dog Beach- Somers Point, NJ

This off-leash beach is open to your pup all year long. Your four-legged friend will be able to run, jump, and play in the surf and sand to his/her hearts content.

 8.  Poplar Avenue Beach- Wildwood, NJ

Although this is officially a dog beach, pups must be kept on a leash at all times. Poplar Avenue Beach is open to dogs all year from 6a.m. to dusk.

 9.  Chris Greene Lake Park- Charlottesville, VA

This may not be an Oceanside beach, but this lovely park has a 1-acre stretch dedicated solely to our furry friends, complete with a roped off swimming area where our pups can enjoy a dip in the refreshing water.

 10. Malibu Beach- Ocean City, NJ

This off-leash beach allows pups access all year round, so it’s also known as Dog Beach. The only stipulation… make sure to clean up after your pet.

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