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Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the Southwestern US

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It’s no secret that the southwest United States is the hottest area of the country, for you and your pooch. Knowing the best beaches to go to will help you and your four-legged friend keep cool during the hot summer months. Here are the top 10 dog friendly beaches in the Southwestern US.

 1. Galveston Public Beaches- Galveston, TX

All public beaches in the city of Galveston allow pets. It is recommended that you keep your pooch on an extra-long leash, this way Fido has a wide range to explore without feeling restricted while remaining safe and under control at all times.

2.  South Padre Island- South Padre Island, TX

This lovely spot allows pets to enjoy the sun, sand, and water with their best friend—you. As always, help keep the beaches clean for other patrons and pick up after your furry friend.

3.  Hendry’s Beach at Arroyo Burro Beach- Santa Barbara, CA

This is the only beach in the area where it’s legal for your pooch to run off leash. Keep a close eye on your pooch though, for his/her safety.

4.  Rosie’s Dog Beach- Long Beach, CA

This beach is the only legal off-leash beach in L.A. County, CA. With 3 acres to run and play on, it’s guaranteed your pup will have so much fun, he/she is sure to pass out from exhaustion.

5.  The Original Dog Beach- San Diego, CA

This is one of the most popular dog beaches in San Diego. You can also stop by the Dog Beach Dog Wash after your day playing in the surf to wash all the salt from your pup’s hair.

6.  Carmel Beach- Carmel, CA

Want to take your pup to where the happy dogs are? Then this is the beach for you. Dogs of all sorts frequent this wonderful beach, playing in the soft sand and the clear water. There are also no leash laws here, so your furry friend can run free while making new friends and enjoying their time in the surf.

7.  Baker Beach- San Francisco, CA

Located just one mile from the Golden Gate Bridge, your pup can enjoy the refreshing water while you get some inspiration from the stunning view.

8.  Monterey State Beach- Monterey, CA

Although dogs are supposed to be on a leash at this fun spot, many regular visitors allow their pups to run free. Be sure to keep your furry friend south of the Monterey Beach Hotel resort since dogs are not allowed north of that point.

9.  Fiesta Island Off-Leash Dog Park- San Diego, CA

This lovely spot has plenty of open space for dogs to run and access to the water to help them stay cool. And the best part? Your pup can run free since they are allowed to play off-leash.

10. Lions Dog Park at London Bridge State Beach- Lake Havasu City, AZ

This may not be on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, but when you’re hanging out in Arizona, a sweet spot by the waters of scenic Lake Havasu is exactly where you want to be. The dog park has plenty of room to run, fresh water spigots, and play pools to help your pup stay cool. Although dogs are not allowed at State Beach, there are plenty of spots along the canal for Fido to get his feet wet. Just be sure he/she stays close to shore. Boat traffic is common and can be high at times.

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