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Ask The Pet Relocation Expert

Q. Hi, I need to relocate our chihuahua from Belgium to Australia, and I cannot find any pet relocation specialists that do this route. Can you please advise if you know anyone who does? I also need guidance with the paperwork; he has already had his rabies vaccination test last year, then revaccinated in March of this year. Thanks, -- Terrie A., Belgium

A. Hi Terrie,

We can certainly assist you with your Chi's relocation from Belgium to Australia, including assisting with all of the pre-export paperwork. Have you been able to fill out our International Quote Request form on our website yet?


Rachel Farris, Pet Relocation Expert

Rachel Farris, Pet Relocation Specialist is one of the most experienced, respected and technologically-advanced pet relocation companies in the world, specializing in door-to-door domestic and international pet relocations. Pet Relocation Specialist Rachel Farris has coordinated hundreds of relocations for pets big and small — gerbils from Zurich to New York, 14 horses from California to Honduras, and one very large collection of house-cats (23 to be exact!) to the Philippines. After serving as the Team Leader for the Asia-Pacific department, Rachel is now the Director of PR & New Media.

Our pet relocation expert is here to assist you with concerns you may have about relocating to a new area or country with your pets, as well as try to answer any general pet travel questions. Traveling with pets can be a difficult and stressful process, and Rachel can help to alleviate some of those concerns. Please be aware that due to the volume of inquiries we receive, not all questions and concerns can be addressed. For a more immediate reply, please click on the appropriate link below for domestic or international pet relocation, or call 877-PET-MOVE (877-738-6683).

NOTE: The form at the bottom of this page is for gathering essential information regarding your general pet travel and pet relocation concerns. You will need to provide detailed information, such as to and from destinations, type/breed/size of pet(s), dates of travel, concerns, etc.

Door-to-Door Pet Relocation Services

Please note that does not transfer or relocate pets; however, if you wish to obtain a quote for door-to-door pet relocation services within the USA from our partners at, please fill out the Domestic Pet Relocation form.

If you wish to obtain a quote for door-to-door international pet relocation, please fill out the International Pet Relocation form.

Every effort will be made to get back with you as soon as possible.

Happy Pet Travels!

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Name: Beth
Estimated Move Date: 01-03-2016
Reason: Work
From: Malta, EU
To: UK
Pets: Jimi (Dog, fox terrier mix, 9yrs, 10kg); Pudding (Cat, domestic, 4yrs, 3kg); Teddy (Cat, domestic, 1yr, 3kg); Henry (Bird, pacific parrotlet, 6 months)

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Name: E.
From: Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
To: Orlando, Florida, USA
Pets: Bandit (Cat, 5 years,10kg); Calypso (African Grey, 1 kg)

Q. Hello PetRelocation,

Please could you give me the approximate costs and what would be required? I cannot do the relocation as I am in a wheelchair. We love them very much.

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Name: Kendall
Estimated Move Date: December 2016
Reason: Work
From: Cape Town, South Africa
To: Granada, Spain
Pets: Caramello and Cupcake (Rabbits)

Q. Hi PetRelocation,

What are the requirements for taking two healthy vaccinated buns to Spain with us? They are my children and we simply will not move without them. Pets are family and family is forever. Is there quarantine in Spain?

They are my loves.

Thank you,
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Name: Lilian
From: Beirut, Lebanon
To: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Pet: Chelsea is a 4-year-female Labrador dog, 33 kg weight

Q. Hi PetRelocation,

We are moving permanently from Beirut, Lebanon to Columbia, MO and we need to take our dog with us. I need to know if it is feasible and how much it will cost us.

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