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Ask The Pet Relocation Expert

Q. What are the regulations for bringing Myna birds from Iran [Tehran] to the United States? -- Azar M.

A. Hi Azar,

Shipping exotic species, like birds, reptiles and small mammals, requires additional research and paperwork. Pet Relocation ships exotic pets as part of our services, however, the below links should help you if you are interested in researching your pet bird's move.


CITES (or the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) protects not only endangered species but also species that might become endangered due to international trade. If you are moving internationally with an exotic species, you will want to check the CITES Species Database to see if your pet is protected. All parrots are protected by CITES, and typically require both import and export CITES permits from their respective countries. These CITES permits can take up to 6 months to obtain from US Fish & Wildlife Services. Please check the US Fish & Wildlife Services - Animal Import & Export website.

Importing Pet Birds into the United States

Returning US Origin Pet Birds
Non-US Origin Pet Birds

Rachel Farris
- Any Pet, Anywhere, Any Time
D: +1-512-264-9800 x 113
F: +1-512-532-6131

Rachel Farris, Pet Relocation Expert

Rachel Farris, Pet Relocation Specialist is one of the most experienced, respected and technologically-advanced pet relocation companies in the world, specializing in door-to-door domestic and international pet relocations. Pet Relocation Specialist Rachel Farris has coordinated hundreds of relocations for pets big and small — gerbils from Zurich to New York, 14 horses from California to Honduras, and one very large collection of house-cats (23 to be exact!) to the Philippines. After serving as the Team Leader for the Asia-Pacific department, Rachel is now the Director of PR & New Media.

Our pet relocation expert is here to assist you with concerns you may have about relocating to a new area or country with your pets, as well as try to answer any general pet travel questions. Traveling with pets can be a difficult and stressful process, and Rachel can help to alleviate some of those concerns. Please be aware that due to the volume of inquiries we receive, not all questions and concerns can be addressed. For a more immediate reply, please click on the appropriate link below for domestic or international pet relocation, or call 877-PET-MOVE (877-738-6683).

NOTE: The form at the bottom of this page is for gathering essential information regarding your general pet travel and pet relocation concerns. You will need to provide detailed information, such as to and from destinations, type/breed/size of pet(s), dates of travel, concerns, etc.

Door-to-Door Pet Relocation Services

Please note that does not transfer or relocate pets; however, if you wish to obtain a quote for door-to-door pet relocation services within the USA from our partners at, please fill out the Domestic Pet Relocation form.

If you wish to obtain a quote for door-to-door international pet relocation, please fill out the International Pet Relocation form.

Every effort will be made to get back with you as soon as possible.

Happy Pet Travels!

Recent Ask The Pet Relocation Expert Questions...

Name: Bahar
From: Teharn, Iran
To: Auckland, New Zealand
Pet: Nabat, Dog, Terrier, 2 years old, 6 kg

Q. Dear PetRelocation,

As I have read, Iran is not among the "clean" countries (rabies free), and I don't know if I can move my dog to New Zealand. Could you please advise? I don't know what to do. What sort of documents and certificates are needed? Is quarantine needed on arrival?

Nabat is microchipped and has all her vaccines. She is very cute and friendly.

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Name: Satya
From: Hyderabad, India
To: Vancouver, British Columbia
Pet: Chutki, Mixed Breed, 6 years old

Q. Dear PetRelocation,

I would like to take my pet along with me in the cabin, is it possible to do this? She is 8 kg. Also, she is partially disabled (bent back leg) but overall healthy without any other allergies or disorders.

Basically I would like to know the pet-friendly flights from Hyderabad to Vancouver and also all the important documents required. She has never traveled anywhere and gets cranking without me around her; she is very scared and seems uncomfortable being outside of the house. I would like to know how best can we keep her with me and safe while travelling.

Thank You,
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Name: Bernadette
From: Los Angeles, California
To: Ninoy Aquino, Phillippines
Pet: Sonico: 7-month-old Maltipoodle, 25 lbs

Q. Hi PetRelocation,

What do I do for my puppy to take him with me from L.A. to the Philippines? Can he go with me in the plane? Does he need a passport?

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From: Damon
Estimated Move Date: 02-11-2015
Reason: Military Move
From: Baltimore/Washington
To: Raimstein, Germany
Pets: Kiara is a female German Shepard, she is two and half years old and her weight is usually about 70 lbs. Louie is a male Japanese Akita and he is two and half years old as well, and his weight is about 75 lbs.

Q. Dear PetRelocation,

I'm trying to find accurate information about what kennel buy for my dogs and how they can travel with me. Basically I've been reading different things online about kennels and sizes and I don't know what to buy or even if they can travel as checked baggage. They are both house-trained and kennel trained as well and are very friendly.

Thank You,
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